Axie, All I can say is sorry this has been the project from hell, and THANK you. You made this look beautiful, and I swear to god these are the last big changes.
– Kate Peyton, writer (Madison, Wisconsin)

It’s a beautiful, exciting invitation. If I didn’t know how boring these dinners get, I would totally want to go!
– Anonymous development director

You guys are terrific and so nice to work with.
–Jo Luttrell, GCIR (Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; Sebastopol, California)

What a striking, unique and unusual image for Turandot! She does look contemporary and icy. I particularly like it because it is not the typical Turandot, and it has such authenticity.
– Janet Saad, Concert Opera Boston

Just got it and I love it! You have captured the essence of what we wanted.
– Brady Hardin, Inner Voice (Chicago, Illinois)

You are an amazing designer to work with, and I will be sending as many of these jobs your way as possible. Everyone at YMAA is floored by your work.
– David Silver, YMAA Publication Center (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)

I wish you could be with us in NYC to celebrate the anniversary! You’ve been such an instrumental part of Team GCIR all these years. We’ll raise our glasses to you!
– Alison, Vanessa, Amanda and Rebecca, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (Sebastopol, California)

Axie, the T-shirts were such a huge hit!!!! They are totally cool and the presentation was perfect: Two board members led a closing session that ended with them taking off their shirts to show the T-shirts underneath! It was a rockin, booty-moving hot hot show!
– Kate Peyton, The Living Room Project (Madison, Wisconsin)

Oooohhh... Aaaaahhhh... you are soo good.
– Melina, Moody Street Circus (Waltham, Massachusetts)

Thanks, Axie! Great press... and great design... people just love it!
– Ellen Schumer, COFI (Community Organizing and Family Issues; Chicago, Illinois)

Axie, You listened to us and you gave us what we asked for and then you transcended the whole thing... What a great piece of work... IMHO, it puts us in the big league of literary thrillers. Wonderful! Thanks so much!
– Arthur Rosenfeld, TV host and author, (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Here’s a sentence from a testimonial I just received that I’d like to share with you... “The saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Goran Powell’s A Sudden Dawn, the stunning illustration is a perfect reflection of the imagery this book evokes.” Nice, don’t you think?
– Goran Powell, author (London, England)

Now THAT’S what I call a website! It’s gorgeous, Axie.
–Lisa Nelson Brandon, NiiJii (Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin)

The consensus is that we love love love it.
– Laura Haefner, Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago

Since I sent the website announcement out, I have been flooded with feedback. All very positive!
–Patricia O’Neill, NiiJii (Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin)

I am so crazy about working with you, Axie. Really, you are a lifetime colleague who advances everything I work on to an amazing degree. Okay, enough mush, now edits.
– Kate Peyton, Tammy Baldwin for Congress (Wisconsin)

What a week! We survived it all and got so, so, so, so many props for the way everything looked. The most exciting news is that we met with White House domestic policy staff on Thursday and they said that as they were preparing the president’s speech for last Tuesday, they had the Skills2Compete brochure that you designed and they were all going through it with their highlighters and marking up what to put in the president’s speech... Exciting!
– Rachel Unruh, National Skills Coalition (Washington, D.C.)

In the words of Tony the Tiger... It’s Grrrrrrreat!
– David Ripianzi, YMAA Publication Center (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)

The convening, reception, displays… everything was a huge hit! We couldn’t have done it without you, Axie.
–Daranee Petsod, GCIR (Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; Sebastopol, California)

I’m getting rave reviews on the web site.
– Teresa Burnett, Willow Designs, Inc. (Norwell, Massachusetts)

Great job! I was really pleased (typical British understatement in play here) to see the various covers. All of them in their own way were great. I’m blessed to be surrounded by so much talent at YMAA.
– Michael Clarke, author (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia)

We have received many positive comments on the layout and design of the manual. I am so impressed with what you were able to do with it. I will make sure that I refer other folks to you as well, and I plan to come back to you the next time I have a need for layout and design.
– Sue A., Corporation for Supportive Housing (Chicago, Illinois)

It’s a pleasure working with someone as knowledgeable and interested in the subject matter and author as yourself... By the way, Tony C. was “blown away” by the 5 Animals cover when he saw the new catalog and said “he would buy it just for the cover.”
– David Silver, YMAA Publication Center (Wolfeboro, New Hampshire)

I can’t tell you how many compliments I receive on the website—people really love it. Also, Sen. Feinstein is about to reintroduce the legislation upon which the project is based, so hopefully we’ll get even more hits.
– Maria Woltjen, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights (Chicago, Illinois)

THANK YOU for once again making lemonade! It really has been wonderful working with you!
– Joanna Augustynski, Polish American Association (Chicago, Illinois)

I love the new concert postcards. They have the eye-catching colors of this “juicy” season but also convey the grand spirituality and beauty of the music. Congratulations, Axie. I think I’ll run out and get a frame!
– Peter Pulsifer, Chorus pro Musica (Boston, Massachusetts)

Thank you for your wonderful designs for Concert Opera Boston. We appreciate all the work you did for us this year—always graciously—and often under time-pressure and stressful conditions.
–Janet Saad, Concert Opera Boston

The report looks great and we’ve gotten a fantastic response from it—lots of press coverage and lots of inquiries. Thanks so much for all of your great work on this.
– Rachel Unruh, Women Employed (Chicago, Illinois)

We had a donor send in $250 to be on the invitation—then he sent ANOTHER $250 when he saw the invite! And called to rave about our designer.
– Kate Peyton, Tammy Baldwin for Congress (Wisconsin)

I just received my copy. It’s stunning. I love the look, the layout, the choice of quotes, the colors—everything. It’s stylish, elegant and exciting. If I weren’t singing I’d want to be, or I’d want to be in the audience.
– Alison Palmer, Chorus pro Musica (Boston, Massachusetts)

I saw the printouts this weekend and Leslie put them into frames. They look absolutely amazing. I feel the flyer is not only an advertisement, but it is a real special art piece.
– Kathy Yang, YMAA Boston

The invitations arrived today, and they are beautiful. The envelope is elegant—and perfect. Thank you for a wonderful realization of all our ideas. The invitations will help bring a lot of people to La Traviata.
– Janet Saad, Concert Opera Boston

I had a breakfast meeting yesterday with Martha Jones, President of the Celebrity Series. I had previously sent her a brochure, and she was very complimentary about it. I just wanted you to know what an impact your work has had on CpM and its reputation.
– Alison Palmer, Chorus pro Musica (Boston, Massachusetts)

Axie Breen is an amazing designer—a terrific artist who capably uses software tools to create and communicate.
– Sarah Leaf-Hermann, The Idea Co. (Brookline, Massachusetts)

I must tell you how much I LOVE the NCS brochure! The colors are gorgeous and the layout is terrific. I loved the swirly Mahler score too... Very imaginative, very attractive... it’s GREAT!
– David Carrier, The Newton Choral Society (Newton, Massachusetts)

Thank you for all of your herculean efforts to pull this together. We’ve received the annual reports and they’re wonderful wonderful and most wonderful! Right at the moment, I’m hoarding them in my office, but people keep sneaking in and “stealing” them for their own walls. Soon the office will be alive with the greens and blues of your beautiful work. Everyone just loves the posters! I personally wanted to thank you again for all of your beautiful work.
– Angela, Polish American Association (Chicago, Illinois)

I wanted to tell you how fabulous your La Traviata poster is. Really wonderful. I may need to frame it. It’s my favorite yet!
– Elizabeth Wharff, Chorus pro Musica (Boston, Massachusetts)




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